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Please join if you are interested in helping research the history of Pontypool and feel you can contribute to what is here. This Group was started on Facebook in July 2011 and the Website was started in 2012. i am trying to add as much as i can to the site and require Members who are willing to contribute by adding comments / photos to help to continue to build the site up. I am only looking for active members. Members who don't comment or try to contribute will be removed. You can comment or add information through either the comment boxes or using your Facebook profile.

To join the site please apply to join and fill in the Membership Application that will be emailed to you shortly after. ( You may need to check your Spam Box for this ) Please use your correct full name ( No nicknames ) and fill in as much of the profile as you can. If you find your profile says " LIMITED " This may be because you haven't filled in the profile / you are trying to join under a nickname or you have been a member for some time but haven't shown any interest. The site wont allow me to add members who don't fill in a profile or use a correct name. Thank You

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